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I will give you one funny story. Once, while prepping for a match, we were standing in this dimly lit room. Jon (Dean Ambrose) was talking and apparently decided he needed a drink. He reached for a bottle of water and began to chug. Suddenly, with a disgusted look in his face, he stops chugging as he was realizing it wasn’t water, but rather a random bottle of dip spit. Needless to say it wasn’t what he was expecting. He raced out the door and immediately threw it up.
Cody Hawk (via slipknotmoxley)

All this “Roman dedicated his match to Dean” is complete and utter nonsense.


Because where was he when Dean was regularly humiliated by The Authority? Or why didn’t he join Dean’s Vendetta against the betrayer Seth Rollins?

If I was Dean, I would come back on RAW, turning on Roman, beat him and scream “Where were you, when I needed you most, my brother, huh?”

I didnt see Dean being ‘Captain Save A Ho’ when Roman was getting jumped! Roman was going for the Gold and he let Dean take on Seth. Didnt you notice the Authority screwing him during that time when the title was vacated? I dont wanna hear shit about Roman being a bad brother they were both doing their own thing at least they saved each other sometimes and Roman is honoring him now! If Dean turns on him then fine but dont say you wish he would cause Roman didnt help him!

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